Cold Steel Bushman Review

The Bushman knife is a 7″ fixed blade knife with a hollow handle that comes with 2 blade styles (Normal and Bowie). The Bowie knife weighs just over 10 oz while the Normal blade weighs just under 10 oz. Both knives cost $37.99 from I will talk about what I think the pros and cons of the blade. (I only own the normal blade so that is what I will talk about)

Blade is Razor Sharp and highly durable (made from SK-5 high carbon steel)
Full tang hollow handle is perfect for stashing survival supplies or making a spear
Can withstand 2 tons of blade handle pressure
Reasonably priced

Knife slips out of the sheath sometimes
This information comes from a combination of personal experience and the Cold Steel website.

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The Dangers Of Sugar Overconsumption

What does excess sugar in the diet do? How does excess sugar lead to diabetes and even possibly cancer?
Heather has a pre-medical Exercise Science degree and is trained according to the ACSM’s Health Fitness Specialist specifications. She is not a doctor but it is within her scope of training to counsel individuals on healthy lifestyle choices, to develop exercise, health, and fitness plans, as well as plans for individuals with high risk ailments, such as heart disease and diabetes.

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Legal Laymen’s Liabilities

Why is it that we have a bazillion (yes, that many) laws and lawyers and judges need to specialize in certain types just to even be familiar with them all, and yet citizens are required to know all of them or else they will be immediately jailed, imprisoned, or fined? Isn’t the fact that one needs a law degree in a specialized area merely admitting that laypersons shouldn’t be expected to “just know,” all laws pertaining to them? A specialized legal professional even has to look up laws pertaining to their own field. What if small businesses had a real chance to stimulate the economy by the legal system getting off their backs!!

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EDC (Everyday Carry) by Mr. SurvivorNet

This is one of the steps in preparation that is easier for everyone to consider and that is because you already have everything, or many of the things, that you will need. ┬áThese include obvious things like keys, wallet, cell phone, makeup (ladies only, i hope), sunglasses, and hat. ┬áThe concept is that you plan … Continue reading