A blood test and examination - NARA - 513715

A blood test and examination – NARA – 513715 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Click Here to Order Your Own Lab Work

Having trouble convincing your doctor that you need that Vitamin D3 blood test?  Insurance won’t cover you checking out your hormones?  Want to know more about your thyroid?  Seeing a natural healthcare provider who recommends blood work, but your doctor won’t work with them?  Direct Labs gives you the power to order labs for yourself and receive your own copies of results without having to argue with anyone.

It’s easy!  Sign up for an account with DirectLabs through the link above.

Choose the tests you want and place the order.

Use their lab locator to find the lab closest to you.

Print out your requisition forms provided by DirectLabs after you’ve placed your order.

Take the forms to the most convenient lab and they will perform the test for you.

Usually within 24-48 hrs, your results are available online through your personal DirectLabs account!

Print your results and take them to whomever is helping you interpret them.

It’s your health! It’s your choice!

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