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We will sell and recommend products that are free of genetic engineering, synthetic chemicals, and are full of nutrients.  Check out our shop that we partnered with Amazon at edencultures.com/shopsafely for a huge selection that will increase your health, freedom, and life. 

The world today could be a wonderful place with all of our scientific knowledge.  At Eden Cultures, we know that a lot of research gets skewed with profit as the main objective instead of effectiveness.  So we try to weed through the profiteers’ sometimes biased research.  

We want you to know what you are spending your money on so that you can make an educated decision about your purchases.  Let’s not neglect the fact that our purchases and the products we consume can not only fund campaigns but also directly affect our health, environment and subsequently our quality of life.  

We dedicate ourselves to finding and trying products that are GMO free, nutrient dense, organic, and manufactured by responsible companies within the United States so you can shop smarter.  


Once you get to know Eden Cultures you may appreciate this as a source you can trust, helping you keep up to date with corporate agendas, mainstream medical malfeasance, and product quality to save you time in your battle to maintain freedom and health.  Check out our recommended products, visit our youtube channel, post on our facebook pagefollow us on twitter for quick updates from all our favorite sources,  and join our email list to start on your learning journey today.


Heather Davis has a degree in Exercise Science where she completed courses that would prepare her for a career in the medical field. She has all of the pre-requisites needed to apply for and attend medical school, chiropractic school, physical therapy school, dental school, or any one of many other medical fields with undergraduate education though she has chosen to start this company instead.  While in college she spent time helping researchers in a cardiovascular physiology research lab, learned how to interpret many blood tests, EKG’s, and got an in depth education in metabolism, including physiology, biology, biochemistry, and human nutrition.  

She is trained according to the guidelines of the American College of Sports Medicine’s Health and Fitness Consultant certification.  A HFS consultant is qualified to assess high risk individuals such as those with heart disease and diabetes, develop exercise plans for them, and refer them to appropriate practitioners to help improve their blood work.  

In addition to her mainstream education, she been an independent researcher of alternative health since she had her own health scare in 2004.  She thought her mainstream education would make her more mainstream with her ideas about health but it did the opposite.  The more she learned about physiology, biology, chemistry, and nutrition, the less sense mainstream medicine made to her.  Doctors would say things that made her think their entire undergraduate education in the basics of human physiology was somehow erased and replaced with, “This drug will cover the symptom.  Why not get your continuing education from us, on our dime… in Jamaica?”

She has seen what doctors can legally do (tests, drugs, surgery, and radiation), is intimately familiar with what they learn in medical school, and in contrast, what alternative methods can do in a real world scenario.  She has a very personal connection to those struggling with cancer and while she doesn’t pretend to have a cure she is committed to putting forth information of the best quality that she can on that subject. She is admittedly biased against pharmaceutical companies and doubtful of the abilities of mainstream medical doctors.  With that said she hopes the information you receive here will empower you to compare information from us and them and make your own health decisions.  

She firmly believes that we have much more control over our health than some would like us to think.  She hopes these articles help you realize your power as your own healer and that you can use the information on this site to optimize your immune system, defend against any toxic attack that you may encounter, and work with your healthcare practitioner in an active capacity instead of submitting to their profit-minded education and limited legal capabilites.  No one cares more about your health than you!

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