GMO’s aren’t just in your food. How do you know it’s GMO?

There are so many things that are genetically engineered at this point, it’s hard to keep up.  There are foods, medicines, vaccines, animal-human hybrids, seeds, and vaccinating mosquitoes.  How do you know it’s GMO?

The above linked articles refer to some pretty heavy stuff that has already been decided about what is and what is not appropriate about genetic research coming out of the UK.  You may be surprised to learn the results of those arguments.

The way the researchers were creating the hybrids is interesting.  They were getting human DNA from skin cells and essentially injecting that into cow ovaries that have had their DNA removed.  The DNA of a cell is always in the nucleus and the membrane of a cell is what differentiates it from other cells.  Since all cells have the same complete DNA only the membrane allows you to tell them apart.  I suppose these researchers think that genetic material is all that affects the genetic outcome.  I disagree.  They are forgetting something.  They are forgetting that the environment surrounding DNA can significantly affect how it is transcribed.  They are not thinking of the possibility that the cell membrane and the cell contents interact with the DNA.  Nevertheless researchers were and/or are creating these hybrid embryos to grow stem cells for diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

Watch my newest video on how to recognize GMO’s in everyday things you might buy or use.  I hope I can help you to keep up.  I can hardly keep up myself.

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