Lighthouse Cove In Heritage Harbour Has An HOA That Is Out Of Control! Is Yours?

This economy is bad, condos are going empty, and people are getting forced out of their homes!
“Lighthouse Cove in Heritage Harbour” has a homeowner’s association that is out of control! They are sending neighbors to harass and spy on other neighbors and are assessing fines illegally. Please watch the video below this post for the whole story. It’s too late to help my family but this story may help others like us: people who pay their rent, are good neighbors, pay pet deposits, and are duped by scheming property managers, HOA’s, and landlord’s. People like us aren’t protected under the Tenant Protection Act because our lease is ending right after being foreclosed, while the property manager said a month ago that our condo wasn’t being foreclosed (lie!). Now we only have two weeks to move even though the bank would work something out with us, because the HOA is harassing us for our 18 pound dog over illegal bylaws. We paid a pet deposit to the property manager but now that our lease is ending at the same time as the foreclosure the HOA is going to fine us instead of the owner, in an attempt to force us out! Why? Who is going to scoop this condo up for cents on the dollar once we move??? That’s what I want to know.

Please post your comments below about your HOA and their craziness…

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