Heather’s Homegrown Pesto

Angel wants some

Angel wants some pesto!

Freshly picked basil (sweet with some spicy)

Sea salt

Black pepper

Pine nuts (or pecans or walnuts)

Chopped, crushed raw garlic (1-3 cloves or 1 – 2 tbs)

Olive oil

Crushed red pepper flakes

Dried or fresh oregano leaves

Imported finely grated parmesan cheese

Fresh squeezed lemon juice

Grow some of your own basil!  Get a pair of garden shears or heavy duty scissors and clip off the tops of each stalk.  Cut just above a few new leaves so that it can grow back again! Gather your basil and place it in a colander.  Trim the flowers and seeds off any basil stalks that have them on the top. Dry these seed/stalks in a basket then place with your emergency seed bank.

De-leaf your freshly picked basil, then wash the leaves thoroughly and drain in the colander.

Place the basil and nuts in a large bowl or food processor.

Pour olive oil over the basil, generously. You don’t want basil soup but you need the leaves well lubricated.

Use your food processor or stick blender to chop the leaves into a chunky paste.

Add garlic, salt, black pepper, crushed red pepper, oregano leaves, and parmesan cheese, all to taste then fold with fork thoroughly.

Squeeze fresh lemon juice and if necessary add more olive oil or any other ingredients to your own specifications. Enjoy!Image

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