Workout videos coming!

I have started working on two videos already. They are super cheesy but are great workouts!  The first is about 15 minutes and sets place on an alien planet.  There are a lot of free work moves and some funky dance moves but it’s all easy-going in this video.

The second is turning out to be about 45 minutes and I use an interval training meaning our heart rates will go up and down several times over the course of the video. It employs some kickboxing, and more free work.

The sound isn’t too great in these videos, though.  You can hear me just fine and see fine, but without a wireless headset microphone it won’t be the professional grade you might hope for. Remember they’ll be free on my YouTube channel and they’re designed by a professional exercise scientist, so maybe you’ll forgive the cheesy production for now (until I get some more equipment).  They’re not up yet but in the meantime, please take this poll:

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