New EC Vlogs: “Boycott This: Buy That” and “Levels Of Homesteading”

I hope you’ll all subscribe to my YouTube channel so that you can watch my weekly vlog called “Boycott This: Buy That!” and another series entitled “Levels Of Homesteading.” The first of those is in reaction to the idea I had with my reporter contest video submission a few months ago.  I didn’t win that contest but I did gain several new subscribers and am happy to keep putting out content to the best of my ability.  Enjoy the first episodes of each.  Thanks again and please share my videos!

We should vote with our dollars! Just like I said in my InfoWars contest video, I believe that. Even though I didn’t get the job, I’m still going to do a weekly segment called: Boycott This/Buy That and this week boycott Trans Fats and share the news about the Non-GMO Project

There are many levels of freedom in this country depending on your economic status. If you don’t own your own property, or have a good bit of land, chances are you live with deed restrictions. It’s hard to homestead when people live so close together. Wanna grow food on your porch? Watch out for toxic herbicide runoff, or reclaimed water getting into your herbs (part 2).

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