Grinding It Out

In lieu of recent experiences, I am feeling much more introspective, so you may see less news reports and more music videos on my music channel coming from me in the near future.  Being in the top ten of the Reporter contest was exciting for me.  I didn’t think twice before entering and was shocked when it went up on their website.  Nevertheless, I learned a lot from the experience and am glad to be continuing to write here on my new WordPress site.  It is much more organized, easier for me to use, and easier to sort through for you than with my earlier provider.  I am going to continue the “Boycott of the Week,” as I mentioned in the first video here on this site.  I am going to call it: “Boycott This: Buy That” where I will review products that I buy.  I have used nearly every supplement under the sun, have pre-medical training that enables me to understand how they work, am familiar with manufacturing processes and quality, and will use this knowledge to review products for you!  If it’s on my store, then it has my stamp of approval.

Thanks to everyone that helped my video make it to the top ten. I will keep working for you now too!  I had already intended on doing it for myself and the future of my child.  In a political and socioeconomic oppressive depression like this one, blogging is becoming more important.  Vlogging and blogging are not unimportant and you should do it too!  Listen here to this ex-CIA worker and his advice:

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