$30 Million Wasted While BPA Stays, Gates Foundation Pushes Vaccines

The women in Sub-Saharan Africa would come to Melinda, she said, and say that the Depo Provera shot was their favorite because it would last 3 months and they wouldn’t have to tell their husbands. Depo Provera has significant risks associated with it. Why not teach them about natural fertility cycles and encourage them to stand up for their personal right to say no to sex and take charge of their own fertility? This could be done while teaching them the benefits and dangers of different options. If the Gates Foundation is really concerned with human rights, they might put a little of that cash into increasing the choices and overall well-being of the humans they are supposedly helping. What if these women are being sexually assaulted? Do they have to get injected with female hormones on top of everything else when the Gates Foundation could offer education, legal aid, or sanctuary to these victims instead? They could offer classes and other safer options than artificial hormones and surgery. It seems instead, that biotechnology and pharmaceuticals are always a major part of the plans.
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