Eden Cultures’ Site Dedication

This site is dedicated to my mother, who passed away after a four-and-a-half-year battle with cancer in late 2010.  She ate her vegetables, rarely drank, never touched an illegal drug, always listened to her doctors, loved her family unconditionally, and did not complain even once through many rounds of chemotherapy, radiation treatments that gave her severe burns on her hands, and a cancer that no one had ever survived more than six months.  Her doctor called her a walking miracle.  Perhaps she was.   


She almost made it five years when they gave her six months.  She saw the best and the worst of both the alternative and traditional medicine worlds and lost her battle with cancer in October of 2010.  She never even heard about Dr. Burzynski’s anti-neoplaston therapy in Texas (a tumor suppressing therapy), even after traveling to that state for a third opinion.  

She was blessed to be the spouse of a retired veteran and postal worker.  The medical benefits that he earned through public service ensured that medical cost was not of a concern and getting dropped did not even seem like a possibility (unlike many people’s private insurance).  She abode the law and had faith in our medical, drug, and industrialized food systems via the FDA, AMA, NCI, and ACS, while even still keeping an open mind to nutrition.  She wouldn’t even consider trying certain illegal therapies like medical marijuana, hemp oil, or something as blacklisted as vitamin B-17.

Even when the chemo made her feel so ill that she couldn’t eat, keep anything down, walk across the room, take a deep breath, or remember more and more things, she still refused to use marijuana because of the risk it posed to her family and benefits.  “We have too much to lose,” she said.  It was illegal despite the evidence of benefits the plant has, such that it would probably take her nausea away, numb her pain, give her back an appetite, and offer anti-tumor properties (see published article from NCI, NIH). That is how dedicated patriotic American’s are to the law. 

And that’s why the laws need to change. 

People in America every day seek out alternative therapies that are illegal and risk a loss of job, loss of benefits, or criminal charges to avoid approved treatments for chronic illnesses.  Some of the diseases that people so desperately want the right to treat alternatively, are considered terminal by mainstream medicine.  Not all Americans are like my mother.  Some people, when faced with life or death, are willing to risk anything, including breaking the law.

That leaves the patriotic, law-abiding Americans with fewer options when it comes to life and death, and leaves those with a dedication to life in criminal status.   

Our government is responsible for making the laws and the Food and Drug Administration regulates the food and drug industry.  Lawmakers are heavily influenced by monetary contributions that were made possible by rulings of the U.S. Supreme court, while many FDA officials get appointed (not elected) from top positions at corporations in those very same industries: agriculture,biotech, and pharmaceuticals.

When employees of the FDA and the US Supreme Court are appointed and not elected, how much should they really be regulating consumers? The idea is to protect consumers from those who misrepresent themselves, not to protect consumers from the right to make their own informed decisions.  When employees of the FDA come straight from and return straight to corporate drug and agriculture private sector jobs, how effective is the administration

Eden Cultures’ goal is to help educate people and improve the misplaced regulations that have led us to a world where it is not enough just to eat vegetables, listen to your doctor, and exercise.  The world has had a 19% increase in incidence and an 18% increase in mortality in cancers just since 1991, with industrialized nations leading the pack.  And that number is only expected to increase (WHO source).  And that’s just the cancer rate.  Other diseases caused by toxins are also on the rise.  The scientific and regulatory health industries don’t seem to be using resources effectively.  Our fancy processed food, synthetic drugs, pesticides, and herbicides don’t really seem to be increasing our quality of life when one considers statistics like that.  With all of our technology, and research, the regulatory agencies still make it so that sometimes we are not even allowed a choice when it comes to our food, medicine (see abandoned Thomas Navarro Act), and water (visit the fluoride action network) despite what is available or cost efficient.  

The scary part is in realizing that the companies that give a majority of campaign (see this video from Stephen Colbert) money are making the products that are supposed to be regulated.  Who are the regulations protecting?  The corporations or the people?  (The real people, not the ones invented by the US Supreme Court)

But we can make a difference.

We can stop funding the destruction by educating ourselves about what we are consuming, what we are not allowed to consume, what is being done to our environment, and why.  We can make our voices heard by writing our elected officials, participating in speak-outs, and signing petitions.  In that, my mother’s strength and the strength of other victims of callous regulatory policy will carry on.

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