Is a functional medical system possible?

Medical insurance and mainstream medical care is a ripoff. I don’t even want mainstream medical care most of the time. I saw what good mainstream medicine did to my mother. Perhaps what is given to us without having a realistic value associated with it (such as having to pay for it) does not always benefit us.


My mom was a recipient of great medical insurance. She always had health coverage.  She always had access to medications, and got prescribed a medication for every symptom she had… medications that weren’t studied for poly-pharmaceutical effects (effects from taking more than one drug), and that doctors often forgot to check for interactions (such as I discovered when reviewing her prescriptions).  She got her “treatments,” without having to worry about paying for them, and her insurance never denied her.  This is a good example of insurance from the government.  Much less hassle than with private companies that have been accused of causing problems like those.  

When a scan showed a mass on her liver, it was ignored until it was too late to perform surgery, probably because of the cost-oriented medical system we have.  Yes, she ended up with liver cancer, and no she wasn’t an alcoholic.  When she got really ill, the drugs were what caused it (poked holes in her solid tumor causing it to spread) and the drugs are, in my opinion, what killed her. 

What I’m saying is, perhaps a lack of medical insurance is not the problem, but the current medical system that kills more people each year than many people know, often through biased research and a FDA that is run by ex and future big Pharm and Biotech hot shots that are probably more concerned with where they will be working after their public service than with the public service itself.  Yes, prescription drug overdoses alone kill more each year than illegal drugs combined.  That says that our system isn’t as “safe,” as it should be, and it may be in part due to the interests of the few and not the many.  

Do we really want “free,” care from a medical system that kills more people each year than cocaine and heroin?   Nothing is really free, folks.  Someone will have to pay for it and if it’s someone managing your health for you, who are they going to be looking out for?  Remember that once a revenue stream gets approved, such as a tax to pay for this “free,” care, it often seems to get re-allocated and prioritized according to lawmakers wishes (or owed favors).


If you couple the revolving door and the subsequent improperly approved and administered drugs with “free,” medical care that isn’t really free but the government is the one paying for it… do you think they, through the influence of the private insurance managed care organizations that really create legislation in this country will suddenly do a better job of saving lives?  The cost-oriented nature of the managed care organizations that the government leans upon so heavily makes the system more likely to ignore possible early signs of disease and natural prevention tactics.  If the revolving door did not exist and healthcare were “free,” then perhaps the government would opt to pay for more preventive care and natural, safer, cheaper alternatives, but that is just a fantasy unless we make some serious policy changes. 


Yes, I choose to take my health as my personal responsibility, meaning that the only things I go to a doctor for is preventative and emergency care.  That does not mean that is the only time I consider my health.  I order my lab work from sources like, use natural supplements, eat organic food, avoid GMO’s and synthetic toxins, take Vitamin D, enjoy the sun, and exercise regularly.  It saddens me that the more power we as consumers and voters give to these large polluting, poisoning corporations and accommodating regulators, the harder it gets to avoid such toxins.

I don’t believe that I would be upset if I didn’t have insurance and had a chronic illness, because I believe there are natural alternatives that are just as, if not more, effective, and cheaper than the patented, FDA approved ones.  I sometimes feel more sorry for those that have unlimited access to care, because many fall into an endless wormhole of drugs and surgeries that often only make their health worse.


What we need is some real competition in the market.  As Ron Paul recently said, we should legalize alternative medicine, then proper research would be done on these types of therapies.  The mainstream medical companies would then have to adjust the safety of their drugs and treatments with responsible science to compete with the cheaper, more renewable, natural treatments.  The legalization and later increase in natural therapy research would drive down other prices.  


Wouldn’t it be grand if we could all afford our own care, carry insurance only for catastrophes, and have more health choices?  Right now if a parent says they don’t want chemotherapy for their child they risk losing custody for “medical neglect,” instead of being able to try whatever they think is best to save their child; like hemp oil, or Dr. Burzynski’s treatment, for instance.  Is that a coincidence or a result of private companies buying out Washington?  We need more choices, not more regulation.  We need to take more responsibility for ourselves and fight for our health rights so the status quo will have to fight for sales.  That is when we will really have the ability to enjoy the natural health freedom that we deserve. 

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