What is the Occupy Movement? An editorial by Heather Davis

Many people have not even heard of the occupy movement, or have only heard rumblings of dirty parks and rowdy citizens.  From my research over the last month I have noticed a general disregard from the mainstream media for the protestors.  I believe this disregard stems from a misunderstanding of what the protestors are upset about, what they are trying to do, and why they have chosen this means by which to do it.  As someone whose heart goes out to them in longing absence of the action, I hope to explain it to you.  

Who are the protestors?

 Many of the protestors just got out of college and are in the habit of applying their minds to research though they have no such career to exercise that habit.  These new college graduates have a lot of debt, learned a lot of ideals, and some specific skills though their education did not necessarily give them enough license and legal rights to practice those skills.  Some of these graduates have begun to make payments on their outstanding loans and have found work with only meager wages and little of the power needed to use the education they paid so dearly for.  In search of a positive perspective on the situation, they have done their homework on national policies and the economy, and have discovered the ponzy scheme in big business in the market and around the world, often perpetuated by American corporatism. 

College graduates are not the only protestors.  Some of the protestors couldn’t afford college and were smart enough not to get into loan debt, but are still frustrated with the job situation.  They see that the only people who seem to be making any money are the corporations while the workers just toil away, yet they have still decided not to borrow money to start their own businesses.  They are dissatisfied with their job, don’t earn enough to pay their bills, or perhaps don’t have a job at all.


The entrepreneur is also a protestor.  This person grew up believing in the American dream, the free market, and enterprise but is inundated with federal regulations that only the richest of businesses corporate persons could afford.  This person’s business is barely profitable and is often restricted in functionality due to these regulations making it even harder to compete with those who can afford the licenses, legal advice, taxes, and fees required the federal government.  This person knows how the game is rigged and may or may not have fallen into debt by taking out small business loans to meet these requirements in trying to get started.  In this economy, their business is hurting with or without a loan.  


There are many other groups of people who I have seen repeatedly throughout videos and other media, but this one sticks out in my mind sharply.  They are an older generation of people that have experienced a protest of civil rights before.  These are the people who lived through the Vietnam War, saw the devastation of American families, and the economy in the late seventies.  Many of this group of protestors belong to “Veteran’s for Peace.”  My guess is, they see the corporatism that has leaked into our foreign policy in the way of using the military as a funnel to private contractors which some regulators may or may not have interest in.  These people want to end the wars and the military world police state. Don’t believe me?  More military families donate to Ron Paul (criticized for his non-interventionist policies) than any other presidential candidate.    


Yet another group I have seen is one that is concerned for the upcoming generation.  These people want the government to stop handing out cash to companies, inflating and debasing the dollar, getting into more debt, and handing out loans like aspirin, before their children and grandchildren become slaves to an insurmountable burden of debt or citizens of a collapsed nation.  I believe these people are leaving behind families that love them while the perpetrators of this mess are thinking more along the short-term.  

What do they want?

The protestors have begun to truly understand what a corporation with the rights of an “individual,” means and are upset that they had no say in decisions related to this matter.  They are there to speak out about the corporate rule that has overtaken our republic with unbridled bribery and possible extortion.  The protestors know about the back door dealings in Washington, D.C., the shady Supreme Court rulings, and they know much of it is perpetrated by corporations using their money, ie. influence, to overtake, entrap, and potentially bribe representatives into doing their bidding.  

They are there to speak out about the obvious blackmail by top financial executives that was placed on the United States taxpayers and representatives as a way to erase bank and other corporate debts, while leaving taxpayer debts, and increasing corporate holdings of physical cash, which only perpetuates the stagnation of our economy.  The stagnation of our economy leads to more borrowing by taxpayers, and of course borrowing is being encouraged by the lenders who are holding all the cash they got bailed out with.  Fear and urgency was used to get billions of dollars in such a way that is extreme even for Wall Street investors.  The protestors want justice and they want the laws to show a way to prevent this from happening again, either by creating new laws or by more simply reenforcing our constitution and the rights of real individuals.  


That is what they are saying!  Where is the “square deal,” that President Teddy Roosevelt fought for in his presidency?  

One that conserves resourcescontrols corporations, and protects consumers?

Why are they doing this?

The people mentioned above are aware of these problems but they feel alone.   They watch mainstream media and see rhetoric from nearly every politician, omissions from nearly every anchor, and propaganda from most organizations.  They do not know if the rest of America understands the depths of the wrongdoings and are performing their civic duty of spreading the word.  The internet is full of traffic but those with no clue what to search for miss the messages.  The workers are busy toiling away and consuming products without understanding how their savings is getting devalued.  The protestors are thinking of everyone.  The protestors want everyone to know before it is too late; a time in which the banks and global corporations control the outcome of an empty shell of a nation, leaving behind perpetual debt slaves.  The urgency of this message has grown inversely to the value of the US dollar.  The protestors are not fringe citizens.  These people are patriots, entrepreneurs, and idealists.

Yes there are some protestors who are young, or reckless, and don’t know why they are really there, leave messes, act unruly, and with little respect, but I recommend you not to discount the aforementioned groups.  I’m afraid if you do or if the rest of America continues to do so, the numbers will only grow and your neighborhood may soon be occupied as well.  

 Tolerance will keep the peace.  

Ignorance will make the movement stronger.  

Change will prevent total chaos. 

Chaos will ensue if the entire 99% have to act before change takes place.

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