Stop Corporate Plutocracy! We have the power.


More government regulations will not make the production of disposable, poorly made, destructive, and harmful products stop.  They will not easily be replaced with renewable ones either.  The regulation of companies to protect our health and the environment without infringing on our freedoms won’t work with simple government regulation.  As soon as the regulation begins its path to reality the companies at stake will send lobbyists to fight for their rights.  The companies with the most money will have the most influential lobbyists and the biggest loopholes to work through.   This could partly be a result of the bribery allowed by the US Supreme Court.  More of this would only further hinder the ability of small companies to form under expensive regulatory conditions, worsening the epidemic of corporatacracies.  

Some say the answer to such greed is the dream of a “cashless,” society but that will only bear rotten fruit such as a global governance of which few consider the consequences.  The answer is simply for consumers to get involved.  

As long as we keep paying for it they will keep doing it.   

In a very meaningful book entitled, “Behold, a Pale Horse,” by the late and former Navy Intelligence Officer, Milton William Cooper, there lies an interesting outlook about how the economic system really works.  This economy that we all take part in, the one that some so casually want to toss aside in return for global governance, is cyclical.  It can be observed by comparing it with the laws of energy.  When doing so it becomes obvious that it behaves much like a giant electrical circuit.  Electric circuits are only functional when there is a flow of electricity.  

If the money doesn’t move, nothing happens.  That’s why when the economy is bad due to a lack of circulating bills, banks loan out non-circulating electronic money, tempting you to buy things you cannot afford.  When real dollars are then fused back into the system you will owe interest and physical dollars (earned from products and labor services) while the inflationary effect of the increased bills in circulation will cancel much of the wealth you think you have gained. The money changers (any entity that invests on Wall Street) cannot survive when the money doesn’t move.  It just has to keep cycling through the works or the machine stops.  

In fact, some of the biggest companies in the world are run by these money changers (Which came first? The corporation or the money changer?)  People buy their products and the companies use that money to make more investments and more products.  Other companies are strictly investment companies selling no product or service at all other than making money.  The number one concern of a corporation is the bottom line. They make what people or governments will buy, manipulate them through advertising to buy the cheapest, most profitable things (so they can keep the wealth transfer machine running), and pay lobbyists to work through congress to prevent regulations from affecting them negatively.  

So the answer is quite simple.  It just isn’t what you want to hear.

The power to change this lies within you, as a consumer and additionally as a voter.  It is your responsibility to research what you buy and who you buy it from.  It is equally important for you to research the funding of anyone you vote for and use items like petitions, action committees, and non-profits your voice.  If you don’t buy the products, they won’t make them, but will turn to making other more profitable ones.  If companies see a trend towards green or organic, there will be more green and organic.  This is called a “tipping point.” (click here to see how you can contribute to the GMO tipping point).  If we as consumers wake up and stop buying the junk and sound our voices to politicians that allow government spending, we are more powerful than the government regulations that would normally come out of nothing more than contribution retributions and an apathetic collaboration of mainstream voters. 

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