Stay awake, make a difference!

We must stay ever vigilant in protecting human health, the environment,

and the rights to those things 

At the point when the initiative of an organization to help society, falls to second place behind financial status, the growth of the status increases at a relative rate to the potential for harm by the organization.  Simultaneously, there is an increasing number of nonelected officials determining regulation, a decreasing population:representative ratio of the elected legislators, and an increase in the amount of power and opacity of contributions by “individual corporations.”  Is this all to offset the natural evolution of transparency of elected officials due to the digital age?  

Perhaps you are at this site hoping for some natural remedy or nutritional information to improve your life or extend it.  This site may be able to help you with finding such information but don’t forget to ask: Why am I here?  Our guess is that you are here because you are doubtful of other information you have been told such as, “All you can do is take this pill but here’s a list of some of the side effects.” Or perhaps you are here because although you still have faith in the medical system you cannot afford insurance or care and no one will trust you to pay them off over time, so you look for something on the internet to tell you what you can buy over the counter.  

We want to help you become as independent as possible from a system that does not always hold your health as top priority.  We don’t want to take responsibility for your health or take care of you.  We want you to do that for yourselves.  

There are some ways one can take charge of his or her own healing.  First one must learn of the dangers in his environment and in the products he creates and buys.  Then one must avoid buying or surrounding himself with such toxins, boost his system in the cleaning away of toxic buildup through daily exercise, and stay ever vigilant in protecting the ability to take such measures in the future. That would involve making a commitment to buying quality goods from scientifically responsible companies that nourish all human life and respect the environment.  

As a result of this commitment, one would naturally begin to thoroughly look at all the risks and benefits of consuming anything that is or is not sold for profit.  The power that the almighty dollar has on the research that is done should begin to wash over him at that point.  

One will generally seek someone to turn to for nutritional advice, because our bodies are very complicated machinery. The good news is that beneath all the profit driven biased information, there is quality research out there in the fields of fitness, nutrition, and alternative therapies.  One must consider with every medical journal, the last name listed on the credits.  Who is paying for that study?  Why is the study being done?  What journal is it published in?  How many conflicting studies does this journal feature?

We do not hide our opinion that a healing diet, a natural vs. synthetic environment, and a daily exercise routine could lower dependence upon more expensive, risky treatments by increasing quality of life and decreasing the overall cost to the nation for medical care.  There are many reputable resources to credit this fact and with time, perhaps we can prove it to you. 

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