BPA is bad. How to get it out of your kitchen and your bloodstream.


Why is glass so important?  BPA, also known as bis-phenol A, is a toxic ingredient that mimics estrogen in your body. Estrogen mimicking compounds are known to increase the risk of cancer.  This chemical BPA, builds up in your tissues and can only be cleansed by sweating.  And if you don’t shower right away to rinse this plastic ooze off of your skin, the BPA soaks right back in!  Yikes!  This chemical not only mimics estrogen but can block other hormones from doing their jobs.  That includes sex hormones… want a stronger libido?  How about a thicker beard?  Or how about just having a more regular menstrual cycle?  Get the BPA out of your kitchen, out of your bloodstream, and help get it out of the stores!


Out of your kitchen

It is important to store your foods in glass.  My favorite way to combat plastic ooze is by storing my food in glass Pyrex or anchor dishes.  They have a plastic lid that rarely touches my food, and many now have BPA free lids!  I wouldn’t heat up food in plastics either, or put hot foods in plastics.  Sad, but true.  Heat speeds up any chemical reaction and increases the leaching of BPA into your food.  The great thing about Pyrex is you can put your food directly into the oven and heat it up, only after removing the lid.  It’s a lot quicker and easier than you think.  

Out of your bloodstream

Yes, I am going to plug the importance of exercise.  Sweating is just important.  I know it’s yucky.  I know it’s uncomfortable.  I know it can take extra time out of your day.  But we must sweat!  Our bodies are designed to work a certain way, and sweating for just a few minutes per day or at least a few times a week will improve your health.  BPA is one example of a toxin that is cleansed by sweating (and rinsing quickly afterwards) but a number of toxins get cleansed out through exercise.  Exercise (not just sweating) gets your blood moving to places that may  not always get a lot of blood flow, it forces you to drink water, it increases your metabolism, which gets rid of toxins and waste.  Many toxins are stored in fat cells and exercise mobilizes those toxins.  Exercise with sweat, coupled by drinking clean water can flush many of those toxins out, including BPA.  Don’t forget that your body has amazing healing properties and don’t forget to use the tools your body needs for healing. 

Out of the stores

It’s a good idea to start thinking about plastic at the grocery store too.  You can avoid BPA by purchasing condiments in glass instead of plastic.  You can try to buy foods with  packaging with less plastic or more importantly, less packaged food.  Should you really be eating out of a box, bag, or can most of the time?  Yes cans are lined with BPA as well.   Just think of how much you can help the environment and improve your health by recycling that glass, buying fresh instead of canned vegetables, and boycotting the plastic takeover of our foods.  That plastic comes from oil and we all know there just isn’t enough of it on top of the fact that oil can be very polluting.  

How many plastic water bottles are sitting around in dumps nowadays?  Let’s just say, A LOT. Buy a good stainless steel thermos instead.  Your water will still be cold the next day, instead of full of BPA.  

Vote with your dollars.  In corporate America, money is what speaks the loudest.


So, to avoid BPA, you can get some glass storage containers for your kitchen, sweat a few minutes a day followed by a quick shower to rinse it all off, and stop buying the packaged foods that have way more downfalls than BPA anyway.  Remember, you have to actively keep up your natural health, especially in today’s toxic world.


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