Posted in June 2012

Eden Cultures’ Site Dedication

This site is dedicated to my mother, who passed away after a four-and-a-half-year battle with cancer in late 2010.  She ate her vegetables, rarely drank, never touched an illegal drug, always listened to her doctors, loved her family unconditionally, and did not complain even once through many rounds of chemotherapy, radiation treatments that gave her … Continue reading

Is a functional medical system possible?

Medical insurance and mainstream medical care is a ripoff. I don’t even want mainstream medical care most of the time. I saw what good mainstream medicine did to my mother. Perhaps what is given to us without having a realistic value associated with it (such as having to pay for it) does not always benefit … Continue reading

Cooking Oils: To Use Or Not To Use?

A Word About Oils: There are many different types of oils for cooking that are available for consumers containing varying amounts of different types of fats.  Some of these are healthy when balanced together, others are not at all, and all need to be treated appropriately.  I hope this will help you to straighten out … Continue reading

Trans Fats And How To Avoid Them

  Trans Fats – A History of Profit Trans fats have two hydrogens across from each other surrounding the double bond.  Trans just means “across,” from each other in the unsaturated bond in this term.  What?  Trans fats are unsaturated?  Yes, they are.  Look at the double bond shown in the picture.  There is room … Continue reading

Fats Are Important!

The argument for fat must be made.  Despite the past faux pas that “fat makes you fat,” fat is a necessary and nutrient carrying part of eating a balanced and healthy diet.  There are a number of reasons for this despite what the manufacturers of “fat free,” products might say.     Fat Soluble Vitamins … Continue reading

Junk DNA or Lost Treasure?

There is a new field emerging in science with many names, some of which are epi-genetics, nutritional genomics, or nutri-genomics as one F.S.U. alum coined.  I prefer the term epigenetics as it leaves room for influences other than nutrition.  Perhaps our genes aren’t written on a stone double helix from birth.  Perhaps there are a … Continue reading

Pre-soak your grains to destroy phytates

  With many of us delving into the habit of eating whole foods we must consider the chemistry of how to maximize its benefits.  Understanding how nature creates these foods and her mechanisms to protect them can help us overcome the digestive difficulties it can cause for us. Yes, there are challenges to eating whole … Continue reading